Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Online Sticker Haul!

My stickers and goodies finally arrive from Taobao! It's the first of half dozen that I bought in the last two weeks. :)

Some really cute post-its. All these food are going to cheer up my day!

I love emoticons. I like my stickers with plenty of emotions so that I can match it in my journal entry. These emoticons will come in so handy! And they're so cheap too!

I'm also loving all these stickers! I found this shop online that handmade stickers. The quality is really good, and I have already put in a second order for more! I like stickers of people, and not really liking food or flowers much. 

I'm also a big fan of Line Brown and Cony stickers. :)

I also got some sweet jewellery last week! These mindful cuffs from TheMindfulCompany are very beautiful and I really love them. They came in a very beautiful packaging. Everytime I look at them, they remind me to stay positive. :) I only take them off when I'm showering. 

And the hobonichi cover that is in the photo above- it's a new one! I bought 3 from TaoBao too. I'm currently using 5 notebooks everyday now. One for my daily journaling, one for my knitting log, 2 writing notebooks, and one for my random notes.

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