Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Online Sticker Haul!

My stickers and goodies finally arrive from Taobao! It's the first of half dozen that I bought in the last two weeks. :)

Some really cute post-its. All these food are going to cheer up my day!

I love emoticons. I like my stickers with plenty of emotions so that I can match it in my journal entry. These emoticons will come in so handy! And they're so cheap too!

I'm also loving all these stickers! I found this shop online that handmade stickers. The quality is really good, and I have already put in a second order for more! I like stickers of people, and not really liking food or flowers much. 

I'm also a big fan of Line Brown and Cony stickers. :)

I also got some sweet jewellery last week! These mindful cuffs from TheMindfulCompany are very beautiful and I really love them. They came in a very beautiful packaging. Everytime I look at them, they remind me to stay positive. :) I only take them off when I'm showering. 

And the hobonichi cover that is in the photo above- it's a new one! I bought 3 from TaoBao too. I'm currently using 5 notebooks everyday now. One for my daily journaling, one for my knitting log, 2 writing notebooks, and one for my random notes.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Review: Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

It appears that my packages from TaoBao will only be arriving next week. This week has started productively (I studied a lot at Starbucks), and then by the end of the week, it faltered off. So today, I decided to put up a review of my Pilot Metropolitan FP instead. 

I got this pen with the TWSBI Clear, but I instantly take a dislike to the weight. It is made of metal, when I am used to the lightness of plastic FPs- both the Lamy and TWSBI are made of plastic. Additionally, the pens I prefer for my daily writing are usually slimmed not so bulky. 

I got the F nib. I'm not sure if there is an EF nib. This pen came with its own converter, which I used for the first few times. The pen had leaking issues, which really really annoys me. Between the weight and the leaking, I don't use this pen much at all. 

So, I wrote on the Stalogy paper as well, which uses Tomoe River paper like the hobonichi. As you can see from the above photo, you can see the ink at the back. 

Some closeups of the pen. I wanted to get the white ones, but the colours of the Metropolitan really aren't my taste. But I have read so many positive reviews about this pen that I wanted to give it a try. It was one of the pens that were highly recommended to beginners wanting to try out FPs.  However, I am very disappointed in it. 

Here's to hoping that my new orders will arrive next week!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Review: TWSBI Eco on Stalogy 365 vs Hobonichi

How did your new year holidays go? I visited my grandma in Malaysia last weekend, and then more visiting this week. I'm not exactly a big fan of the holidays, crowds are never my favourite, but this year, I made up for it with plenty of stationery goodies.

If you have been following me on Instagram, you'd know that I just bought a trio of white fountain pens: Lamy Safari, Twsbi eco, and Kaweco. Kaweco turns out better than I expected, though the one that I bought had a fine nib instead of a EF nib. I also bought the latest Lamy LX series in rose gold. It was pretty, but what I really like was the case. Such a handy way to carry a pen, instead of merely throwing it into your bag. 

Currently, I'm waiting for my purchases from TaoBao. I bought a hella stickers, post-its, fountain pens and inks there. Hopefully it'll all arrive by the end of next week. 

But today I'm here to talk about TWSBI Eco. 

What I like about it: 
  1. It allows me to fill more inks than the Lamy or Kaweco. 
  2. I can see the ink pretty well (although it'll probably looks cooler if I fill it with shimmer inks instead of blue inks. 
  3. The nib is sharper than Lamy even though they are both EF. 
  4. I like the shape of the pen. It's very mechanical. 

I'm writing it on my Stalogy notebook in the above photo, and you can see the slight seepage in the following page. 

Compared it to my Hobonichi below. There is no see-through at all. You can only see the writing marks because the page is so thin, but I am alright with that. It is a small price to pay for thin paper that works with a variety of mediums (like watercolours and markers). 

I use my TWSBI Eco mainly for journal writing, i.e. in my Hobonichi. I would have liked to use the Hobonichi notebooks for all other things except the daily or month by month doesn't really work when I am using the notebook to capture random thoughts and odd notes. I am really a big fan of the simplicity of Stalogy 365 anyway, so there is no complaints from me. 

*I use Lamy and Kaweco FPs in the Stalogy. They work, oddly, and they don't show on the following page. I'll show it here once I get all my new FPs. 

I'll probably also do a write up on Pilot Metropolitan FPs. I really don't like that pen because it's very sharp and oddly, it leaks. :( 

That's all I have for TWSBI Eco. I am currently eyeing the black one as well. This is the most economical line of the brand, and it is very worth it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a FP.

FYI, you can see my first post on TWSBI Eco here