Sunday, 17 July 2016

Batch 2 Cards are up on the Store!


Just a short shoutout: my new batch of cards are listed on my Etsy store thePenelopeCardShop

Here's a collage of them: 

You may click on link directly to my store. :) 

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Stationery and Craft Haul from Taipei, Taiwan

Hi everyone! 

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I've been working on the second batch of cards this week and just put them up on Etsy. I've also separated each card into their own categories so that it'll be easier to find. I'm currently working on the next batch of items I want to list next... something different. 

So... I did promised a stationery and craft haul post on my trip. So here it is! 

I dropped by the YongLe Fabric Market, because I wanted to stitch more Japanese knot bags and the selection of patterns and materials in Spotlight are limited. It was out of the way, but my boyfriend and I took a cab there so we didn't get lost. The first floor was a wet market, so head up the stairs/ elevator to the second floor. We initially thought that the place was rather small, but it turned out that we only got turn around. The floor was just crammed and jammed with many stacks and bolts of cloths and fabrics and tiny shops. 

I love the place! I am definitely going there again if I drop by Taipei! Except, I'd buy much more! The above photo are rolls of one metre fabrics. You can get one free if you buy ten. I am soooo in love! 

The photo below shows some loose fabrics I got too, all one metre as well. I love the sheep and llamas! Perfect for knitting project bags! 

The red/blue/beige starburst print on the right side was from the Eslite bookstore. 

Address: No. 1, Min Le Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103 
Monday to Saturday 9am-6pm
Closed on Sunday 

I also dropped by a few stationery/ wholesale stores in Taipei. That was all the stationery shopping I did. And by 'a few', I actually meant two. The pens and washi tapes and stickers and everything are so cheap there that really, there is nowhere else you'd want to go because you've got everything you need from those two shops! 

The first, Guang Nan Wholesale Store, is located just a few minutes walk from Taipei Main Station. As always, I used googlemaps for all my trips, otherwise I am pretty bad with directions. The storefront looks small and pretty nondescript, but it is extremely well stocked. Take the stairs to the second floor where the stationery are, and browse the other floors after. It is a wholesale store, so it stocks more than stationery! 

I got most of my pens from this store. The above photo shows my Frixon pen hauls. It is really cheap there, plus there are plenty of refills! The photo below are some finds I found. More water brushes, water soluble crayons (I tested it out in the store and it was awesome! I would have gotten more... but I really have too many coloring materials. Sigh), and some neon highlighter crayons too! 

Guang Nan WholeSale Store 光南大批發
Address: No. 40, Xuchang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Monday to Sunday: 10am-10.30pm 

I also got these Juice gen pens! They're really cheap and... well... Who can say no to more pens? 

Do you know that they stock fountain pens too? The smaller one is from Eslite Bookstore, which comes with a variety of refills in different colors, as well as a converter! It is really handy, and quite cheap, considering that it was around S$15. The other one was a Pilot Preppy EF in blue. I love it! The ink flows well, and the nib was very fine, which I love! I'd have gotten more if I knew how much I would love it!

Eslite Bookstore 
There are plenty around the neighbourhood. I went to two venues. One at the Taipei Main Station, and the other one, a multi-storey, near my hotel in XinYi district. The bookstore contains many stores other than books, such as jewellery, clothes, food and cafes, so even if you can't read chinese books, you can still take a walk around. 

I bought a couple books on stamp carving, journal decorating and sewing, as well as a baking book for my mum. 

I got these two pencil cases for under S$5, so that I can pack all my new pens inside it in my luggage. Aren't they cute?

And finally... STICKERS! Both Guang Nan Wholesale Store and JSF Mall stocks plenty of them, as well as washi tape, so feel free to load up a lifetime supply! The Midori pack on the bottom left corner is from Eslite bookstore, and the brown and cony Line Characters are from the Line Store. 

JSF Mall is located near Shilin Night Market. We sat down in Starbucks for a break before we head over to JSF Mall, and then onwards to dinner at the Night Market. The items here are cheaper than Guang Nan Wholesale store, especially the Washi tapes! I bought plenty here that I like! In terms of stationery like pens and markers, both stores have similar selection. 

JSF Mall 金興發JSF生活百貨
Add: No. 120, Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Monday to Saturday 9.30am-1am 
Sunday 9.30am-12.30am

Look at the post its and memos! I didn't get as much because I know I have plenty at home already! I couldn't resist the Taipei MRT map memo pad that I got at the airport. By the way, it was rather annoying to arrive at the airport to find that the bookstore at the airport has a limited reading material. I really enjoy buying craft magazines from the Heathrow airport. :) 

Here's a look at all the washi tapes I got from Taipei! The first thing I did when I came home was to do up washi samples so that my table isn't cluttered with washi tapes as well as several other projects! Aren't they pretty? Aren't they gorgeous? Admittedly, I don't use them as much though. I am pretty conservative when it comes to my journals and planners.. I use bookmarks to posit notes when necessary, and the rest of the space are filled with words. The only time I used washi tapes are to tape things to my planner. 

I really did enjoy my trip to Taipei. There was a lot of shopping and a lot of eating! I'll see if I can put up a food post for Taipei as well. It was really worth it. 

I did plenty of research on the net for this trip. It was planned mostly by me, and fellow travel and craft bloggers are really helpful, by posting photos and tips. I wanted to pass it along so that the next person who wants to go to Taipei can enjoy it as much as I did! 


Thanks for dropping by this Sunday! Hope this post is enlightening!


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Delving into Ringbound Planners

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to put up this post last week but I got away planning for my Taipei trip, and then packing for it. It was a really nice short holiday. There was plenty to eat and shop! The downside was the hot weather: it is as hot as Singapore right now, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to travel there during summer. Winter definitely. I would definitely love to return there again! 

Onto the planners that I wanted to share with you. I bought this stack of stuff from a website from China for around SGD$80+. They consist of leather planners and inserts with accessories. I wanted to switch my knitting/crocheting/sewing planners over to a ring planner so that it is easier to add pages to each category. :) 

This is the brown A6 version. I'm not sure what I'll do with it precisely, but today I added swatches of my nail polish collection in it. I didn't want to buy doubles of the current nail polishes I have now. What I love about this planner is that it has a rubber band closure, instead of a magnetic clasp or a button clasp. I find that the latter two add unnecessary bulk. I like the cover, it is a good quality and sufficiently thick. I am really impressed, especially with the price I got it for. 

There are card slots on the cover, and you can also add things to the slot in the back. 

I bought some plastic pockets for cards and other stuff. They're pretty cheap, and comes in handy sometimes. 

Did you see the pen on the side? It's a Pilot Frixon erasable pen. I am a big fan of it now! I got a bunch of it in Taipei too. It was so cheap there! 

I bought a couple of rulers and some filing sheets. I found out the hard way I need rulers when I am on the go because my knitting requires measurements sometimes. 

I really like the notch on the side! It means my leather won't be cramped on the side after I use it for a long time! Especially after it gets a bit tight after I added more things to it. 

Found these really awesome plastic where I can wrap washi tapes around it. This is really handy. I got 12, and they're all used up now. They're really cheap too! 

I got more inserts for the planners. I didn't realise that the planners already come with some inserts and ended up with double of them. They have a variety as you can see. I didn't get the weekly or monthly inserts because I'm not interested in planning that way. 

I bought some small clips. The extra rings and rubber bands comes free. 

Pockets for A5. The card slots for A5 isn't the same. The cards are lined vertically. 

This is the A5 one. It is aqua in color. It comes nicely wrapped like this, in a box. 

There is a place at the back where they put a handy notepad for you. The paper inside can be tore off easily. 

The leather for the A5 is a little lousier than the A6. As you can see at the bottom, near the metal binder, the leather looks like a piece is torn. I also notice that the metal closure doesn't close right. 

The outside looks perfectly fine though, and the clasp work sufficiently. I think for $30+ it is still a worthy find and purchase. 


I bought all these from It is a chinese website, and there is no english translation at all. It works rather like Amazon or Etsy. There are many sellers on it, and they ship worldwide. The items arrive within a week, which is so much better than buying from the US/UK, which requires a much longer shipping time! I currently have an order of stamp carving tools on its way. I wanted to try my hand at it. :) I got inspired by some crafting books I saw in Taipei! 

I'll be posting my stationery and crafting haul from my trip next, so keep a watch on this blog! 

As always, thanks for dropping by!

Have a good weekend,