Monday, 27 June 2016

Of Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting

Hi, everyone! 

It's Monday again! Hope nobody is feeling blue today. I am feeling cheerful because I am working on a rainbow sock with Knitpicks Felici and the colors are just so cheerful they make me smile! I just finished my dad's socks yesterday. This makes the 7th pair this year! 

Yesterday's lighting suck so my photos look a little grainy. :( This sock pattern is Casual Business sock by Tanis Lavallee. I really like this one and it is so easy to make. I am going to make another pair for my boyfriend. The yarn is from Malabrigo Sock, 806 Impressionist Sky.  

And I took a lovely photo of my new Diving In shawl. It is knitted with Knitpicks Stroll yarn, Electric Blue, Dove Heather and Wonderland Heather. I used about one skein each. I love the picot edging the best, even though it took a long while to finish it. 

On to crocheting... I've also completed a cute cupid by Laylala. It is actually a part of the Christmas ensemble, but if it is knitted with pink yarns, It becomes a cute cupid! I really enjoy Laylala's designs, especially this cute cupid. It is palm size, and made with 3.25mm needles and 4 Seasons Marvel 8 Ply Acrylic Yarn. I am trying to finish up my Acrylic Yarn so that I can stash my new Schachenmayr Catania Yarn in the drawer. 

I used a pink Copic marker for the cheeks. It was the fastest one I could grab. ;) I finally got some proper eyes from Etsy SnacksiesHandicraft. The seller is from Singapore so I don't need to wait weeks before I finish the cupid. 

Finished an Ipad Cover for my mini too! I wanted to learn color stranding with crocheting but it turns out much more difficult than color stranding in knitting. I was never good with juggling multiple yarns with my fingers to begin with and for crocheting, it just fell apart so easily. But the skill will come to me in time.. I think I'll just wait a while more. 

I knitted this with Patons Cotton Blend 8Ply. The color looks like a Flamingo Pink, and I added a stripe of white in it. I also sewed a wooden tag so that it'll look more professional. I got them from Etsy MemorableLand a while ago and I intended for it to be used in little pouches that I will sell.

And... My order from FurlsCrochet finally came! I am sooooo happy to get these! This is in Tulipwood 3.5mm and Blackwood 3.25mm. Aren't they beautiful? Aren't they precious? They make me want to crochet all the time! Other than waiting for them to be completed, the shipping is quick because Furls used USPS, which takes about 8days instead of the usual 2 weeks to arrive. 

I used the 15% newbie discount that they give to encourage your first purchase, which obviously works! They also include a skein of black yarn but I don't think I'll be using that, truthfully. 

I also did some sewing too! I was looking at knitting project bags on Etsy when I found a free Japanese Knot Bag pattern online by IndigoBird. So I immediately dug into my stash of cloths and whipped out my sewing thread and needles and made two. Actually, I made three, but the second one flunk, the first one looks sloppy, and the third one finally looks presentable in public! 

It is really handy! I can even hang it on the side of my chair and knit from the bag. All I need now is more cloth and I'll be happy with half a dozen knot bags! 


That's all I did over the last two weeks. I even cleaned out my room and vacuumed the floor yesterday because of the yarn fibres, loose threads and dust that are gathering up. My bags of yarn is beginning to pile up again and I've just ordered a huge pile of Knitpicks Felici because I really love the self-striping yarns. The good thing is, this year, I am almost knitting as fast as I buy... Almost. 

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great week ahead! 


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Project: Big Herringbone Cowl by PurlBee

Hi everyone, 

I'm here for a short mid-week update! Here's another project that I have completed in the last week, a nice big thick cowl made with 5 balls of Knitpicks Swish Marine Heather and a 10mm circular needle. 

I love the feel of the yarn around my neck! It is so soft and the color is amazing! I have found another favourite from Knitpicks again! So far, I am a huge fan of Knitpicks Felici, Stroll, Hawthorne and now Swish. I'll do a comparison one day, probably. 

Sorry for the not-so-great photo.. I don't really like taking photos of myself, but I wanted to show you how the cowl looks around my neck. 

Because I used 10mm needles instead of 12mm needles (I don't have 12mm... yet ;) ), my stitches look smaller and tighter than the photos on the pattern. And they're not very even, as the photo shows, but I suspect that washing and blocking it will probably solve the problem. 

Here's another look of the two sides of the cowl. The edge also curls up a little, but since the width of the cowl is 12inches, it is okay with me. 

The herringbone stitch is very easy to knit, although the first time I tried it, I had to frog everything because I dropped a stitch somewhere and I don't know how to fix it. Fixing garter stitch and purl stitches are comparatively easier! This time around, I learned how to fix herringbone stitch too. Kinda cool, I think. I really enjoy all the little things I learn with every project.


That's all I have today. I'd like to get back to knitting my dad's socks, but I promised to work on my shop a little more for a month and see if things improve! Currently, it has been sadly neglected in a small corner of the interweb.

Have a good hump-day!


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Project: Cross-Stitch is finally done!

Hi guys! I've been missing for the last three weeks, I know... I am really bad at consistency. But I have completed a few projects, namely the cross-stitch, a herringbone cowl, a nice shawl, and also a nice crochet cupid. 

Here's the completed cross-stitch. It took me about a year, from start to finish, but I have long long periods where I tucked the project in a cupboard somewhere for several months. I really like this painting of flowers, although, I have to say, I much prefer cross-stitch with people. I would be happy to frame this and hang this up on a wall. 

Here's a close up of the small bird. Isn't it cute? I love the green thread. 

More close up of the flowers. I got this cross stitch in a kit, which consisted of high quality DMC embroidery thread. I got it for $20, with plenty of thread leftover. The kit also includes an embroidery  clipper and two needles. 

I am glad that I finished it, and I am already planning on my next cross-stitch project! Maybe my Godiva painting, or work on cross-stitch mini stockings for Christmas tree? I saw a really nice set of Christmas tree stockings that I could knit for Christmas, so perhaps I could do that instead. 

Anyway, I still have a few other projects that I want to share. I'll post it up soon.

Thanks for reading,